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Originally Posted by Zildjian232 View Post
Derek and who ever else this may concern,

I didnt mean to seem pretentious in any way. I dont have ignorant dreams of ferraris and starring in a really bad vh1 reality tv show(brett michaels). I've been watching the music industry crumble for years, this is not news to me. The last thing I want to sound like is like a kid who thinks he can just hit it "big time" and makes lots of money. Im aware of the difficulty to make a living playing music, thats why im so unsure about it. It was early early morning post, which probably was more of a incessant rant than anything else.

Thankyou for your input Derek, it was really insightful and helped me out.
Hey, It's all good man.
There are no stupid questions....just stupid answers! Haha.

At least you asked.
I don't think my words will effect what you actually do in life least you heard them.

Evrybody has to find this stuff out on their own. In this age of the internet....the info is there for you to make a more sound decision about your life....something that a lot of us didn't have in the past.

You do with the info...... what you want to do, and use it how you see fit... for your daily life.

Cheers man,
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