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Alan White doesn't usually come up first when talking about fave drummers, but he is very underrated. I was just listening to some 80s Yes tonight and decided to look up this thread. Like supermac noted White had learn all the 70s Yes tunes quickly for the live stuff you hear on the Yessongs live album. That other guy appears on a couple of those songs from that disc(s) but most of it is White who did great under the circumstances and proved his versatility later but anchoring almost a totally different kind of group in the 80s (and beyond) Yes.

And his drumming on Relayer and Going for the One are great. I often wonder how Going for the One would have sounded with BB. As it is, I love it and think it is overall a better album than Close to the Edge.

and Alan seems like a loyal guy as he's stuck with Yes and Ludwig for such a long time. Not to mention he plays a bit of keyboard too (see Symphonic Yes DVD) and writes songs. An all around great musician.
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