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Default Re: Metallica - Death Magnetic. They're at it again. (heads up)

I have to stand up for Metallica here guys - they are the very reason i got into metal and while Lars isnt the fastest or most creative drummer - he has a good feel for bringing drama and depth to Metallica's music, he really fits the bands style.
After the Black album they produced some real 'sell out' crap. Period.
After all these years waiting though, i think they have put together one heck of an album!
Oh and my B-list reviews;
Kill 'em all - 7/10 (best track - seek and destroy - a classic)
Ride The Lightning - 6/10 (fade to black - perhaps their best work)
Master Of Puppets - 10/10 (disposable heroes - powerful...)
Justice For All - 9/10 (shortest straw - old fashioned grinder)
Black - 8/10 (the unforgiven - close to the heart this one)
...several albums not much better than coasters...
Death Magnetic - tentative 7/10 (still listening...)
I think the boys are back to old form, loving it!
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