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Default Re: I Think I Did Well

Originally Posted by Sirwill View Post
.....I will need to buy tom mounting arms and not sure if they will fit into standard Cymbal stands our if I need a pair of tom stands......
It's all pipe dimensions. Some cymbal bottoms/tom stands will work, others won't. I believe the standard Pearl tom arm is 7/8 inch. I have Yamaha tom mounts (and Kima) that accept 7/8 inch tube. The down tube off the triple head is a larger diameter, 1 inch. My Kima bottoms are almost exact copies of Pearl bottoms. Whether you go Pearl, Yamaha, or someone else, 1 inch is 1 inch. That's basic size if you're going for a double tom stand thing. Finding a cymbal stand bottom that accepts the smaller pipe size (7/8) is do-able as well. I can run a single tom arm into a cymbal bottom (without the use of a Yamaha/Kima triple head), but it has to be a 7/8 inch stand.
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