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Originally Posted by Vipercussionist View Post
I don't see the Angels as being one of the best teams in baseball. They ARE a great team, but I think they are not as good as their numbers suggest.

If they were in the AL east they would NOT look so good, it's their division that makes them look so good on paper. Their division is the WEAKEST division in baseball, and they're an above average team. Basically the big fishes in the small pond.

Do you really see them being so dominant in the AL east against the Rays, Yankees, Jays not to mention the Red Sox??

No way to prove it, but I really believe in this assessment of the Angels.

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True, but the Cubs came in with 97 wins and the Angels has 100 wins or so, which was the best record in the league, right?

Thats what I was told, at least.
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