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Default Re: Derek Roddy here!

Originally Posted by Derek Roddy View Post
Thanks a lot for your comments

As far as who plays what on records......Well,I live that to the listener to decide. My moto is....
If it doesn't sound isn't.

That being said.... Some guys are now playing the "toe down" double stroke that Tim Waterson made popular. With this can push 16th notes from 280 and up.
HellHammer (Jan) John Longstreth are a couple of drummers who have adapted that into their playing.
Pete on the other hand plays singles only. The tempo on that song is 280.
Did he play it or not? All I can say is....
I've seen them rehearsing it and he played triplets on that part.

Hope that helps.
Yes, it definitely helps, because in this case 220 for the feet is still a "very fast" type of speed and consequently we don't have to have additional practice sessions to get up to 300 if we want to be called fast drummers :)) As far as Tim Waterson's technique is concerned... well, it's a multi-faced thing, because on the one hand, it really doesn't sound like too much of a powerful technique - you've got to use triggers to play it in a (metal!) song and on the other hand, you're bound to play Axis Longboards or Trick pedals, or to have a pretty small foot :)
In any case, I'm a big Sandoval (and Morbid Angel) fan - he's the foundation to me as far as blast beats are concerned, and Trey is also an amazing composer - and I like Jan Axel and Dimmu Borgir too (to be honest I mostly like Nick Barker), but they really don't have to speed up their already extremely fast feet to persuade us that they're good.
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