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Default Re: Todd Sucherman here!

Hey Todd,

Hope your road travels are going well.

Thanks for elaborating about your kit on the DVD - one question I had about the Masterworks kit itself - do you tune all the toms and snares to general notes or some kind of melodic interval? Or is it something really general like "medium-high tension." On the DVD you mention how you tune them, the bottom head slightly higher than top.. That was about it though.

And then for your Prototype Sabian ride - is Sabian going to be rolling it out as a Vault Signature model anytime soon? Did you model yours after anything in particular? I could make out that the bell is raw and the finish looked Traditional and maybe 22"? How is it different than the Precision Ride you typically use?

Thanks as always for the QUICK TIP!!!!!!!!! :)


P.S. - Playing demo......Playing demo.....
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