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Default Re: Derek Roddy here!

Hi, Derek! I guess you're the first voice that I should listen to as far as extreme metal drumming is concerned, so I'm just going to ask you a rather indiscreet question:
are the double bass parts of Pete Sandoval on "Opening of the Gates" by Morbid Angel and of Hellhammer on "The Chosen Legacy" sped up in the studio in your opinion? Because for me, it's hard to believe that a biologically human individual can play 32nd notes at well over 300 bpm, and that, not even with his hands, but with the feet (especially if we consider legendary mortals like yourself apparently cannot come even close to it :D)! I feel your answer on this - if it is possible and politically correct to provide one - will be as revealing as it gets.

Thanks (evil smile)!
And definitely congrats (once again) for your work! You're the real thing.
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