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Originally Posted by drumhead61 View Post
Derek, I just become a bigger and bigger fan of yours when I read your straight from the hip reality answers about your "careeer" in music and your part time job. Having someone out there like yourself can be very helpful for kids who may otherwise flounder for years thinking "they are gonna make it". While it is true one may every once in awhile we all seem to have (myself included) this grand illusion that you are sitting on top of the world looking down from your pile of money and laughing and your response seems more to me to be saying:
Go to school
Find a good career
and love music

RIGHT ON DUDE you rock now more than ever in my book!

Hahaha...thanks man.
I truly believe in what I'm saying and doing. This is nothing new for me.
In fact, In the extreme metal world.....I'm not looked at as a positive example. Because I tell it like it is.....and many bands, band members etc.....don't like the fact that I do this. It is....... what it is. Why let ego get in the way of being honest about it.
I've gotten so tired of seeing my friends and very talented people I know throw their life away by going on tour and starving....not for a couple of years .....but, for 15 years!
Starting a band from the ground floor and going on just a way to escape responsibility from life.
Don't fall into that trap.

Not saying don't do it........just know when to stop.

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