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Default Re: Derek Roddy here!

Derek, I just become a bigger and bigger fan of yours when I read your straight from the hip reality answers about your "careeer" in music and your part time job. Having someone out there like yourself can be very helpful for kids who may otherwise flounder for years thinking "they are gonna make it". While it is true one may every once in awhile we all seem to have (myself included) this grand illusion that you are sitting on top of the world looking down from your pile of money and laughing and your response seems more to me to be saying:
Go to school
Find a good career
and love music
And then maybe then it will take you somewhere if not you still love music

Originally Posted by Derek Roddy View Post
Hey Mike,
Yes, I find playing to recordings....the best way to learn all that is needed to advance as a player...... with the exception of listening skills (As playing to records never changes and playing with people..... does.) I've always said that the only way we truly get better at all aspects of playing to play with people. I've never been one to practice exercises. In fact....I'd say that .00000000001% of my time playing.....has been practicing exercises. Exercises don't allow you to play music....playing music does.

I will be out in that area at NAMM time in January. I'm sure I'll perform there. As far as clinics....maybe in the spring time. That's what I'm planning for, at least.

Well Mike,
I could write a book about this topic. If you're feeling can search my forum...I have a ton of info about this there.

I'd say 100% of the time.....GO TO SCHOOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
There's is plenty of time to create music.
Now you asked about my career as a drummer.
First of, I'd say that........ I don't think of my drumming as a career because at this point....drumming hasn't paid a 10th of my bills. In fact, I've spent more money to play in the bands I've played in...than I made. All the bands I've been in have done nothing but, put me in debt.
Now, Not saying it wasn't fun or any of that but......IT DID NOTHING FOR MY LIFE!
You may look at the mags and stuff and see some drummers....maybe myself but, it's a case of ......"the grass is always greener".
I know a lot of dudes playing and touring in bands and if any of them tell you they are "making a decent living" they are lying or don't know what a decent living is.
Look at the price of gas right now. Tell are you going to tour when gas is 4 bucks a gallon and shows are 400 miles apart ( average) from one another? Most of these guys come home with a few hundred dollars and if you have nothing.....seems like a lot.
It's all good when you're 18-25 years old and if you're in that age range....then yes, take a year or 2 out of your life to peruse it. Just know when to wake up.....that's all.

The illusion of money being made playing being made more clear by the day. Just look at records sales. Labels are now taking a percentage of touring and merch money because record sales are so low.
10 years was common to sell a million records. Now....the artist that sold that much then............ is barely selling 200,000 copies now.
The music industry is a joke and the only way to truly be happy trying to play music in this day and age.... is to do it because you love it. If it brings you some "fame" and a little "cash".....then great. Nothing happened for me until I realized this one simple fact!

That's a great way to look at it as you have about 40% better chance of winning the lottery than you do of "making it" playing music. If you truly have no other aspirations....I'd be very worried. Although, I don't think that is truly the case is it Mike? You don't want to be successful at anything........but music?

This is a case of "the grass is always greener". Successful career?
Mike, I make more at my part time job than I have ever made playing music. And while yes....I'm starting to get my ugly mug in the mags and play these high profile drum gigs.......I'd hardly say it was a "career"....... with a straight face.
Am I working on getting there.....absolutely but, I'm not relying on music or drumming to make me somebody......that's up to me.
See where I'm going?

Do something with yourself, do something, become somebody first. Music will always be there for you to enjoy. Again, music doesn't solve personal life problems...............being responsible for your life........... does.

Hope it helps and if you have anymore questions....I'll be happy to answer them.

Cheers and happy drumming!
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