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Originally Posted by Steamer View Post
The Joe F. and Joe H. albums are pretty happening. Have both of those on vinyl too. The stuff I was thinking about was the group with Corea, McLaughlin and Dave Holland on bass. This is what came right after Tony left Miles before the whole Bitches Brew thing and around the same time as "Emergency" with Lifetime was recorded and released.

Samples from the 2 bootleg recordings I made reference to earlier of this group.

There is concert footage too but it would appear YouTube may have removed it since I can't find anymore. It's in the collection of the chap from South America who has collected all the rare jazz concert footage, forgot his name. If I find it I will post it down the road.

Yes I REALLY enjoyed the New Directions group which followed more than the Compost band. Saw them back in the very late 70's in a small club. Amazing stuff!


Okay here we go and discovered some new rare Miles footage I hadn't seen yet but of the Miles group I had in mind. Not the exact band from the recorded bootleg around the same time period {no Miles} but some brief burning Jack with the Miles Quintet with Wayne Shorter and Dave Holland on bass. Antibes Jazz 1969:

And one of the same group from the collection of the jazz collector I mentioned from the same concert in 69 of Jack with Miles:
Yeah, you're right, that group is only bootlegged and like you, I'm happy to have all that are out there. The guy from South America on Youtube is 'Pedrosjazzvideos' or something, I love that guy, he has tons of stuff. And there are 2 Farrell albums, by the way, 'Quartet' in 70 and 'Moon Germs' in 72. Both are great. Then there are the one offs by people like Hubert Laws, Nick Brignola and a few others from the early 70's that aren't coming to me right now....

Early Jack on ECM is my favourite Jack, I love the Directions and New Directions stuff too.

As for Jack's Roy influences, I think it's pretty clear that Jack is mostly Tony and Elvin. It's been said a billion times, that's because it's true. On the early stuff, especially the Lloyd and Corea he really sounds like Tony, a fact which Jack freely admits- he WANTED to. So much so that you can confuse the 2 at times. His Elvin influence is there in the slower tempos, concept of the set as whole and his triplets. I honestly don't hear a lot of Roy at all. Jack is more fluid, not staccato, more rounded and much more complex than Roy, to name a few differences. As the years went by (let's say early-mid 70-s ish), Jack became much more highly developed as his own person and was much easier to identify, though Elvin and Tony were always there. This is why Jack is the last great true American Jazz master, he is literally a product of the 2 first real 'modern' drummers.

And I meant to say, there was a matched grip thread around here or something where Jack was mentioned- he switched because of back pain- it made him lean a certain way, so I'm told. If you watch Jack play matched, you can certainly see the lean=).

edit- oh yeah, Aydee, I like some "Jazz rock", but I just don't like those albums, even though I should for so many reasons.

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