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Default Re: Derek Roddy here!

Hey derek,

I have some questions....some of them are a bit unconventional but here i go.

Do you find it is productive to practice to albums, practice exercises, or fool around and be creative? I'm sure you do your exercises, but what would you consider a productive practice session.

you playing any clinics in the LA area anytime soon?

How did you get into a music career? Where you just doing it as a hobby,and it just boomed out of no where? or where you set on being a musician for a living? Im going through a tough-time right now deciding. Subsequently, Ive even put off going to berklee school of music. Im running into some(possible) record contract/radio play/touring opportunities with this band im in, but im not going to count my chickens before the eggs hatch. College verses running off with a band??. Everyone i know has their career planned out already(military, pilots,union jobs,doctors,etc) , all i can say is "yeah i played at the house of blues in hollywood last month, it was bad ass!" I have support around me, its just that you get that general attitude from people, like you told them that youre going to win the lottery and retire as your career plan. I have no other career aspirations besides music. I dont know if i should be worried or what.

I dont mean to sound like a drunk prattling school child, i have years worth of frustration, and trying to condense it was hard . You're leading a successful career in the same field im interested in, so i thought you might have some insight?

all the best,

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