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Originally Posted by Steamer View Post
I believe along with this was his trio recording with Bill Evans which is all pretty early Jack stuff. Have the Jackie M., Charles L. and the Bill Evans trio album with Eddie Gomez on bass on vinyl. The Miles stuff is only seen on the concert footage and some rare bootleg recordings which I got years ago and it is KILLING {try YouTube}

Talk about early stuff how about Cosmic Chicken with both Bob Moses and Jack on drums. Jack on melodica with Bob covering the drum chair on a few tracks. I have pretty close to what I believe to be a complete collection of all of Jack's most early recordings on vinyl I searched out at used jazz record shops many a year ago.
Yeah, but I think everyone knows Live in Montreaux. Then there's his record with Joe Henderson, 'Power to the People' in 69, Joe Farrell in 70 and 72 (or 73), there's a ton of his early stuff that tends to be overlooked, depending on where we draw the 'early' line, I suppose. And um, I'm assuming you've forgotten about Live Evil, Black Beauty and Bitches Brew from Miles (plus the recently released 'Another Kind of Blue' on DVD from the Isle of Wight)?=)

Never liked Compost (either of them) or Cosmic Chicken, actually.

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