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Default Re: Tim "Herb" Alexander

Originally Posted by crdirtRider856 View Post
Very true. This is my favorite style of double bass. Not too many can pull it off like Herb. The full on "digadigadigadiga" has never really inspired me. Impressed me but never really made me want to sit down and try to do it like the "galloping" or "short spurts" style has. Gavin Harrison also comes to mind when I think of this type of d.b. work. Oh yeah, I was prepared to carry on this conversation with myself for as long as needed. LOL! If you ve ever seen em live, he and the band can pull off Rush pretty flawlessly. I saw them cover "La Villa Strangiato" here in Philly once, and if I didnt know any better, I would ve been fooled.
absolutely absolutely absolutely. tim is a great example of groove and technique yielding what's loosely termed "tasty"
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