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Originally Posted by rjlee
How anyone can say that Tommy Lee is a mediocore, or ok drummer is beyond me. The thing about being great drummer goes way beyond speed or the difficulty of what you're playing. Tommy has a very unique style of drumming that is not easily duplicated. Case in point if you hear Samantha M. from Hole playing on the first Crue live DVD you can easily tell that she doesn't even compare to Tommy. He brings something to the music that makes it better. Randy Castillo played on a Crue album..and you could defineately notice that Tommy's playing was missed. He has a straight forward type of playing but his technique, and the sound he gets helps him stand out. He's got the kind of sound that you can pick out that it's him, even if you didn't know who was playing. Kinda like Bonham you know it's him right when you hear him play, some guys just have it, Alex Van Halen is like that too. There's lots of guys who can play fast or difficult pieces but they sound just like everyone else. When you can bring something that makes a piece of music better and stand out because of what you played even if it's simple then I think that's what makes you great and influential. And for anyone who thinks that Tommy can't play anything difficult listen to the Crue album with Corabi singing on it...he shreds the hell out of the drums!!!!!
You just read my mind dude, i would say the same..
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