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Default Re: Post your Gig Pics

Originally Posted by Billy Brown View Post
Good point. But chops or not, when they quit moving forward creatively, then they become glorified cover bands.

I can respect the business sense in that but don't see much musical integrity in it. I don't know...maybe it's the audience who is to blame for not expecting more?
...As a member of the audience, all I want from an artist is an honest effort.

I want to get a sense that they are enjoying themselves as much as I am. If I go to see a "nostalgia" act, I want to hear the music and songs that are encoded in my DNA. Most of the concerts that I have been to lately are as much trips back into my past as they are musical experiences.

My wife and I went to see Elton John a couple of weeks ago. He went through his greatest hits, and each song was a memory of a time in my life, both good and bad. Crocidile Rock for example reminded me of junior high, and trying to steal a shirt feel off of Carla Slater. Someone Saved My Life Tonight brought me back to when I worked at Ye Olde Pizza, and how the knob that owned the place ripped me off and bounced a few of my paychecks. Sad Songs took me to the early days of when my wife and I first met, then moved to Northern BC. Every song he played had a place in my past. If he would have played a bunch of new stuff, I would have bood him.

As Karl says, great songs are great songs. As a hobby musician, a lot of these great songs inspire me to play music I enjoy with people that I like being with. I play music, for the same reason that I play hockey. I will never play in the NHL, or a sold out arena tour, so all that is left is fun.

Musical integrity is a term you hear from people who are either really rich and successfull, or poor and unheard of. The real reason that most people want to make a living with music is for money, chicks, and an excuse to sleep untill two oclock in the afternoon.


Randy Bachman and Burton Cummings are often reffered to as the Canadin version of Lennon and McCartney. They were the back bone of the Guess Who, and BTO, and their hits list is a whole other higway through my DNA. I saw them in concert a few years ago, and was floored by their show. I truly envy you for having had the opportunity to share the same stage as them.

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