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Originally Posted by zzdrummer View Post
Yeah Viper I bet you did the same little celebration I did when Torre signed with the dodgers, that was an idiot move by Steinbrenner and co., he is one of the best. And you have to love Bay he is the anti-Manny. Two things i'm worried about: The Rays like you, and Jed, who started off soo hot but now seems like he strikes out every other at bat, I think if he can put the ball in play more he'll get real hot but he keeps striking out in clutch spots (regular season). Our bulpen looked like a worry but Masterson completley solidified it and Okie and Manny returned to form.
I was SHOCKED when they threw him out with yesterday's stale cannoli!! MAN!! And Gerardi's a nice guy n' all, but he's no Joe Torre. The Dodgers made it to the Post Season, proof enough that it was a mistake, but Steinbonehead ain't too bright and he'll go to his grave believing he made the right move.

Yeah, Lowri's bat HAS cooled off, but that's the beauty of the Red Sox, it's someone different all the time, you don't have to rely on just one or two guys. Everyone takes a turn at being the big gun for the evening. I'm gonna miss Lowell, as much of a trooper as he is, I don't see him making the complete post season. :(

HA HA !! Ray's are down 2-1 as we type!! (I'll root for the white sox JUST for this series) L0L!!

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