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Originally Posted by zzdrummer View Post
Viper knows where its at, lester is ridiculous
Lester IS ridiculous, but it's obvious the Rays are to be reckoned with. I'd be mad as hell, but not surprised if they took it all.

I also wanted to see the Dodgers do well to give SteinBonehead and the Yankees something to think about in the off season after not resigning Torre. But now that Manny has been Manny and defected with his defects I hope they fall on their faces. All due respect (and it IS much) to Joe Torre, one of the BEST the game has ever seen.

And how can you not like Pinnella and the Cubs?? But it doesn't look too good as they're down 2 to the Dodgers already.

But of course, I bleed RED into my Sox, so, sans the post season workhorse Schilling but still with our newest "ace" Lester, Daisuke, and Beckett the third game "ace" and the proven post season bullpen commodity Jonathan Papelbon things are looking pretty good in the "Bay" state.
(yeah, I MEANT to word it like that)
Jason Bay has been the PERFECT addition to the Red Sox. No, he's not a HOF hitter like Mini Mind Manny, but he's a total ball player and has brought peace and a contagious work ethic to the Red Sox clubhouse.

My hopes for a Red Sox - Cubs world series aren't dead yet. So we'll see, it's Post Season, and you can NEVER tell!!

GO SOX!! (the red ones)

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