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Funny this thread should pop up. I was just listening to Jack Johnson yesterday. Love BC's work on that one. And love this from wikipedia. They all just show up and look what happens.

"The first major recording session for the album, which took place on April 7, 1970, was almost accidental: John McLaughlin, awaiting Miles's arrival, began improvising riffs on his guitar, and was shortly joined by Michael Henderson and Billy Cobham. Meanwhile, the producers brought in Herbie Hancock, who had been passing through the building on unrelated business, to play the Farfisa organ. Miles arrived at last and began his solo at about 2:19 on the first track."

Originally Posted by Deltadrummer View Post
Where does one go now to find information about BC: concerts, clinics? His website has been down for the longest time.

Looks like it's back up. Billy is one of the all time greats. One of my faves is Mahavishnu's Between Nothingness and Eternity which is a live album from the early 70s. Poor sound quality but great playing.
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