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Default Re: Cliff Almond here.....

Hey Cliff, this is Lutz (SickRick is a shorty for StickTrick).

Man you totally kicked my ass today and on Sunday. Thanks for making all this possible and for every little word of advice. I'm blown away - this day will make a huge difference in our bandplaying and in my whole life and career as a drummer. It feels funny - when I went to LAMA I still had to learn a lot of shit drummingwise (getting my hands and coordination together, learning TONS of rhythms and timing... all that kind of stuff). Today is different: I feel that I can play what I want to play technically, its more a matter of how to play it. It makes a huge difference. It seems like now would be a much better time to learn than back when I still had to learn so much of the basics...

So therefore today and Sunday was fantastic, I (and all the other guys in the band) hope that we can repeat that as soon as possible.

To anybody reading this, wondering what the hell I'm talking about: Cliff and Phil coached my band Dreadnut Inc. today for three hours and kicked my ass real hard. I'm depressed already, but also motivated to make all the little adjustments that hopefully will make the big difference. Still, I feel like a total beginner now.

Both Phil and Cliff truly are two of the very best players that I have ever seen in my life (and trust me: I've seen many), both with wonderful feel and touch and an incredible sense of groove. I'll be doing all the exercises they've given me and I'll try to follow all the advice best as I can.

It was wonderful to meet you guys and hang with you. Sorry for the German weather though...

To everybody: Check out Phils books, they are great! Also check out Cliffs online lessons (I don't know them yet, but if they are only half as good as his real lessons, they must be incredible).

Best, Lutz
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