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seen portnoy twice live now....he is a very good drummer, far as the wierd and wonderful time sigs go,sure,it all sounds complicated and clever,which it is ti a certain extent but,if you are writning the stuff,rehearsing for months then recording it,you can come up with any configuration of time sigs....breaking some of his stuff down would be hard,of course it would....its like a crossword..u gotta get inside his way of thinking,but once you learn it,i wouldnt say its the most difficult drumming to copy...he has very fast feet which is an art from in its own right...there are good d/b players.and there are excellent d/b...i think portnoy comes into the the excellent double bass category,at least as far as speed is concerned...i once rehearsed with a band for 6 months,mainly writing...the guitarist was dream theatre crazy....we tried a lot of different time sigs,and believe it or not,once you know where the song is going,you can sound pretty technical..we showcased the set and a lot of people were asking how we knew where we were with the songs and stuff...easy!!! we wrote it and practised like demons......something proffessional musicians have on their side that we amateurs who work for a living dont have as much try it guys...get ur band together,come up with something weird and complicated and get you mates to listen...see if they find it easy to pick up....oh!1 one more thing....his speed on bass drum is also helped by playing at mass volume so less effort required...he is well miked up live....a very good drummer,but there are lots better
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