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I just saw Billy Cobham live about two weeks ago. I had heard that he might've lost a step or two with age based on a previous tour, but not on this tour. He hasn't lost a step. Billy nailed everything. Never got off once on his crazy fills which I heard happened a tiny bit back in 2003/2004 on his Spectrum reunion tour.

He's in the process of recording a 3 or 4 volume set (don't remember which) of new stuff with his New York band. He played a lot of stuff off of the first volume when I saw him and it sounds amazing. I think he's in the process of recording the second volume now.

Then he played Quadrant 4 off of Spectrum. One of the craziest grooves I've heard. He plays a blisteringly fast double bass shuffle with a ridiculous ride pattern overlaid. I mean, I know it sounds great on the album, but hearing live was really something remarkable.

Anyone: if he's coming to town, get out and see Billy Cobham. It's an incredible experience. Being a left hand/right foot lead drummer like he is, I do naturally take a lot from his setup and technique. but I think that everyone can learn so much from just one night of hearing this guy live. I know I was inspired.
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