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Anybody catch the Rush-hashana 24hr.marathon on VH1 last night?
Neil has been one of my favorites for eons. Still to this day, 30 years later, his drumming is great. I understand there are phenomenal drummers on the scene; Colaiuta, Weckl, Donati, Lang, Minnimen, Harrison, Mayer, Collins and more that are on a whole other level that people will say "(drummers name here) is better then Neil Peart." Only thing I could say is that I would imagine that, THAT drummer probably was influenced by Neil to some degree. Or at least respects him for his acomplishments. And I believe there are just as many guys that wanted/want to be Neil, that want to be Virgil, Marco or Thomas. And don't forget to give Neil credit for what he has accomplished in his 30+ year career, and not discredit him for what others can do that Neil cant or hasn't.

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