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Default Re: Any talents, besides drumming?

Originally Posted by Ashton Drum's View Post
Im in to ice sculpting. Last night I made an ice cube. This morning I made 12, it was prolific

ROFLOL........2 funny.

I fake a mean slap bass, I can slap a bass and do an amazing bass solo, so much so I get offers to teach lessons...then I have to tell people I have no idea what I just did :-)

I also enjoy writing, am currently writing a few short stories, often with a comedic twist.

Also am pretty quick witted, when someone makes a verbal faux paus I can usually run with it and get it turned into a laugh fest pretty quickly. Often my humor though is misunderstood.....

Is lifting cars a talent? I did that until my knee surgery....

pushing kids on swings? I give a mean underdog.

I guess Carpentry too, I like building things. Right now I'm building fake doors all through jay norem's house, and I'll put up cameras so we can all enjoy watching him try to get out. ;)

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