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Originally Posted by CarlitosBaterista View Post
OK, someone wanted to hear Matt solo...just listen to the song "Just Like Suicide" from Superunknown... the first part of the song he's drumming in a small kit, with snares off...then, about halfway, a second (and bigger) drumkit sound comes in and BOOM! It's just amazing, he solos over the band's figures and even though it's not long,oh boy, does this man have taste...and tha's rock and roll taste...the fills around the figures are just so musical...and even before the soloing starts, he's playing this rhythm on the ride and bass drum that's just soooo tasty...well, I hope you can check it out, I just learned that part and started playing along to it and it's just one of those songs that when you play it along, you get goosebumps...enjoy!

One of my favorite Soundgarden drum parts ever. Theres just something about the snare when it comes in that just sends chills down my spine. The whole song is amazing.
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