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Default My hang out with Flo

My friend Jeff aka Granstar26 from and I got the opportunity the meet Flo Mounier and the whole Cryptopsy band for their last tour show in Rouyn-Noranda. Jeff met Flo last year for lessons and when he heard Flo would be in Rouyn, he didn't hesitate to ride 5 hours to let me meet Mr. Mounier and attending the show. Flo's a real humble, down to earth, generous & funny gentleman, it was like we were friends since forever. We shared pack of beers in the parking lot with the band then unloaded all gears from the U-Haul trailer and helped them as roadies & drum tech. After the soundcheck, Flo, Jeff and I went for dinner, we had a really nice discussion about everything & nothing. We headed back to the venue and waited for their time to step on stage.

Cryptopsy performance was amazing and for their last tour show gave all they've got. Think Flo's fast, he was even faster last night. The man can not only play death metal but in soundcheck, Flo played me some Jazz, layed down some known groove a la "walk this way" and some half-time shuffle.
He has such control of all his limb even at the fastest pace, it's amazingly freaking. After the show, we packed & load everything back and head out to some more beers at a nearby cabaret.

This morning I had to pinch myself for being sure it all really happened and to proove it really happened here some pics.

Flo & me

Helping Flo seting up his kit

Me behind his kit

Flo seting up his Reference cast steel snare

Flo's kit

Cryptopsy soundcheck

Having dinner with Flo

The crowd

Flo's performance

Cryptopsy on stage

My friend Jeff with Matt

All in for all it was a blast

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