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Default Re: Todd Sucherman here!

Originally Posted by Todd Sucherman View Post
Thanks again for your note and perhaps you'll consider getting the DVD so you can have "Tears" in all it's HD 16X9 goodness.

Already did it sir... and I can't wait for its arrival. Quick question... have you had any contact with Kyle Woodring since his gig with Dennis DeYoung?

I had some brief contact with Kyle back in Feb. 07 and I know that while he enjoyed playing with Dennis he felt severely restricted. He didn't mention any direct problems, but I knew right off that Kyle was a little sad that Dennis kept the drums fairly back and didn't allow him to shine. Not that Kyle had any reason to, after all he accepted a gig with Dennis and on top of that he was dating Dawn Marie so he had a support system that was well acquainted with being pushed to the back.

Deana is very nice. I met her only once, but I really enjoyed her company. She is amazing when solo.

As far as I know, Kyle was leaving Dennis for other projects but he did mention possibly comming back with Dennis after 08.

Just curious of any contact you had with him. Kyle is such a lowly and humble person and not many know who he is. I feel that he should have a profile on Drummerworld, yet it hasn't happened. Anymore insight you could add about Kyle would be much appreciated.


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