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Default Re: Todd Sucherman here!

That Guy---had a lovely afternoon here in Florida. Lunch with a buddy and now back at the hotel a few hours before the gig. Thanks for your kind words. "Tears Of Joy" is by Jerry Goodman, who was in Mahavishnu, The Flock--and countless sessions. He's a virtuoso genius and an amazing composer of complex (yet beautiful) music. I hope to get another track from Jerry soon. Thanks again for your note and perhaps you'll consider getting the DVD so you can have "Tears" in all it's HD 16X9 goodness.

Doom---gottsta get the full business indeed! Hope you dig it and thanks for your compliments on the clips. Glad you're enjoying them. The trash hats are a combo of a 14" HHX Evolution Mini China with a 12" HHX Evolution Splash on top. It's what I used in the "X-Hat" position on the big kit---but I popped those on the regular hat stand for that. The ride in question is a Sabian Encore (Jack DeJohnette) 20" flat ride. It has a crystal top end with a dry body. Strange cymbal and very soft. It's the perfect cymbal for quiet cocktail gigs--or any gig where the volume must be at a minimum. You can crash it and it's still soft. Thanks again, Sean!

Dominick--that ride is a 20" Sabian HH Raw Dry Ride. I've had that cymbal for 10 years and the ones I've seen since I got that look and sound a little different to me. (Maybe it was just the ones I saw...I dunno.) But this one's very unique too. Piercing bell but no wash or build up at all. An anomaly in a way. Glad you dug the "blooper reel." You know, in editing I was concerned that I was too dry (Beuller? Beuller?) and thought it might be fun to show some moments of levity that took place during filming---even at the risk of appearing self indulgent. There were inside bits that entertained Eric Dorris (director, co producer and editor) and I so we just went for it. Glad you're enjoying the DVD!
As of now I should be around for see you then.

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