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Default Re: Band members that slow progress in Band development.

I played with one of the bands yesterday at an afternoon gig. Afterwards I began to assume my new role of being more assertive. I sat down with the bass player and I talked to him about his lack of practice. I explained how much I hated to say the things to him that I was about to say. I told him about how much Drummerworld has helped me to become a more competent drummer. I told him about how I use the tutorials to improve. I explained to him how his playing was holding us back and I suggested that he work on some technique just as I have. The bass player is living with our singer as boyfriend and girlfriend. I explained to him that they together choose me as the drummer because they knew that I would work on the songs and play them to the best of my ability. I pointed out to him some of the performance issues that we were having with his playing. He was a bit disappointed at first but he didn't deny that he should work harder to practice and improve. We were still speaking to each other when I finished. I take that as a good sign. I will see what happens.
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