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Default Re: Todd Sucherman here!

Shoedady--thanks for the compliments, my friend. You know, picking out hats is just like picking out a snare or ride cymbal for any given gig or track in the studio. I like having several options on hand. Live with Styx I've been using 14"AA Regular Hats for several years. They work well in that context of the live show. They are very "rock" but can also be musical and "tight" by utilizing them in different ways. The HHX Evos record nicely in my opinion. A touch softer and a touch darker than the AAs. I haven't really used much of the AAX hats except for a pair at home. I also used HH bright hats on one of the solos in my DVD for contrast. I think you can't go wrong with 14" AA regs or 14" HHX Evos---it's just a matter of what music you'll be playing. And good luck convincing your wife! Mine's the coolest, but even with her I've had to pay a little extra tax on some of the things I've brought home or drums that just "show up" on the doorstep. I've slowed down in recent years!

Deltadrummer---thanks a lot. That was one of the toughest gigs I've ever done. I feel I was far from my best because I (and we) were very out of our element with very little rehearsal---and by very little I mean ONE real rehearsal. I was put in the acrylic box (which I hate) and trying to hold things together between the band and orchestra was a monumental challenge. That being said, the kids were great and I think the overall spirit of the evening prevailed. It was a memorable night and I'm glad you enjoyed it. I've read many notes from people who were moved to tears by the DVD of that show. Nothing worth doing comes easy, right? So thanks for being a reborn fan and I hope you make it out to a gig next time we swing through your area. Thanks for the note!

Cheers from Orlando--
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