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Originally Posted by Solaris View Post
I'll give everyone of those guys all the credit they deserve for pushing themselves and their playing to the technical limit of the human body, but there's a different between technique and feel. Technique and chops you can learn by locking yourself in a room for 6 hours a day, 7 days a week untill you can play in your sleep. But feel comes from somewhere else. Carey has a conversation with his playing, he tells you a story. Chambers, Lang, Donati - they play incredible things, but I find it hard to find beauty in their playing. I wouldn't be moved to tears over it. I enjoy it thoroughly, but it's a different kind of drumming to Carey's. there's almost a mechanical precision in it: "look I can play a reverse parradiddle with my feet while my hands play a latin rhythm", yeah great, I'm it took you 6 months to master that, but what does that tell me?

The way I apporach my playing is that technique and chops are a means to an end. They're my drumming vocabulary which I use to express myself.
Nicely said, I agree completely...which is why JoJo is my favourite drummer. I actually think that Chambers and Donait have a lot of feel in their playing, but Lang does sound a bit too robotic.

I started learning sober the other day, can't quite get my left foot doing the hi-hat part in the main beat but I'm nearly there!
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