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Default Re: Metallica - Death Magnetic. They're at it again. (heads up)

Originally Posted by metal overlord View Post
But, James lost his voice in the 90's for over a month. Thats one reason why he sounds differant. And to make matters worse, Bob *can go bite a* Rock made him (forced, should I say?) take singing lessons
Bob *Producer Extraordinaire* Rock didn't force anything. He only let James know what he needed to do to get back into the game after the blowout. Bob Rock is one of James' best friends today, but back then it was a different story between the two. The simple suggestion that Rock gave Het saved his career. Thats what a friend does. Gives you brutal honesty and looks out for YOUR best interest.

Originally Posted by m1ck View Post
25 years will change anyone's voice. My bass player is a die-hard Metallica fan and walking Metallica encyclopedia. He informs me that the lessons were necessary if Hetfield was going to save his voice. It's not hard to believe.
Correct! If James was to salvage his voice at all, he needed voice-rehab. His vocal cords were severely damaged. On top of that James refused help in the beginning, that is until he realized that singing was going to be impossible and it was delaying production on the Black album. Plus, James didn't really take substancial singing lessons. He was intoduced to a voice coach who worked with him for a short period of time to help him get his voice back on track.

To this day nearly everyday James has a voice warm up/workout tape that he continues to use becuase he appreciates the benefits that it has brought him vocally. He did readily admit the fear of using a coach, but it was needed.

In my opinion, James' voice is better than ever. He can actually sing. I really love the way his voice sounds on S&M. I'm a Metallica fan from Kill Em All, and I appreciate the growth in James' voice over the years. I think the blowout was a good thing in the long run.
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