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Default Re: The legendary Steve Gadd.

Originally Posted by darkcherryfade
I like Steve Gadd in the same way that I like Neil Peart. I don't find him to be as much an amazing DRUMMER as he is an amazing MUSICIAN. Although he is a great drummer.
you obviously don't know steve gadd, or neil peart. haha. the thing is with gadd, he CAN play ANYTHING he wants. alothough age has taken it's part slightly, i bet gadd could do an insane vinnie solo if wanted, or a technical out there weckl solo. that's what i think people neglect. gadd plays what gadd loves, and sure it may be simple in SOME points, but if you listen closely the stuff he plays makes him both an amazing musician and drummer. and besides about .1 percent of the drummin population can exactly replicate his style. and play what he can play, that's pretty amazing to me. with neil, that's a whole different forum to post.
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