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Default Re: Post your Gig Pics

Originally Posted by KarlCrafton View Post
.. In my line of work I have picked integrity (and working with good honest people over big money and BS dealing with shallow back stabbing a-holes--I'm in graphic design/advertising) over money as well.
Not that I don't do pretty dang good, but my snare drum collection isn't as cool as some here....I won't mention any names....but there's a custom gold plated engraved snare with their name on it on this forum somewhere.... :-)haha all in good fun!
That's totally cool! I'm sure in advertising it very easy to lose yourself for dollar signs and petty politics. I know it can be cut-throat.

Whatever our disagreement on these bands, you seem like a very cool guy, who has the opportunity to play some prestigious gigs. I can dig that a lot.

Back to the pictures!!!

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