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Default Re: if drummerworld were a party...

Wow, thanks for the love everyone! I had no idea that you guys would choose to hang with a DW nerd such as myself. Hey Dom, you know it would be "full on" mayhem with us.

Abe, (Phoenecian's)... lol. I hope your driving the cart cuz I tend to get crazy on those things. One of my favorite things to do is throw the "divot replacement sand" that is usually in the cart straight up in the air and watching it blast everyone following my cart! I'm such a dork!

Man, what a great idea Dom. That would truly be a killer party. Can you image all of us crazy drummer personality types together in one spot? That is something CNN, FOX News, G4 t.v. and HBO would all have some type of story to run on.

Party of the Century!

Hey Bern, its on your dime right?
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