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Default Re: Band members that slow progress in Band development.

Thank you all, The replies have been great so far. I will elaborate some more.
1) I play for fun and for personal satisfaction mostly. I'm not looking to be the next American Idle or anything like that. I'm not a perfectionist either, I like to do things within reason.
2) I don't get stressed over things. Its just that I see things that are wrong and I like to fix them.
3) I consider the people that I play and work with to be my friends and I see talent in each one of them. I don't like to discard people. I like to see them do their best.
4) I have always been self motivated. I'm the guy that the boss leaves alone because he knows that I will do the job without supervision and if there is a problem I will seek the help needed to solve it. I won't just sweep it under the rug.
5) I have been offered higher positions many times but I turned them down because it would kill me to have to be in charge of people and have to manage them so to speak. I also don't like dealing with customers even though I can because it makes me feel uncomfortable. I prefer to remain behind the scene and not be out front. I guess that It makes sense that I play the drums as my instrament of choice.
The problems that I see with some of my fellow musicians is that I can't understand why someone would show up every week and make the same mistakes without making any progress. There are two bass players and one singer that I play with that do this. I don't think that they touch their instruments or sing the songs once between practices or gigs. Of course if I say something to them they will look at me with the evil eye and continue to noodle through as if they know what they are doing when its obvious that they are just getting by.
The other thing that I'm sick to death of is when someone doesn't like a song or they find it hard for them they find a way to make the band not play it so they don't have to do any work beyond the call of duty so to speak. They say that it doesn't fit our band or it has to many chord changes, Its not my key etc. I learn songs all the time that I don't naturally fall into. I find it a welcome challenge to learn new things.
Based on your suggestions so far, I am going to take on a slightly more aggressive role in the bands that I play in. I am going to work on being more assertive at the risk of not being the "Good Fun Loving Easy Going Guy" all the time. I will become "The Boss" so to speak. I will politely insist that people work a bit harder when I feel that they need to.
I have been playing for 35 years and its time that I stood up and took a more active role in motivating people. It will probably make me a stronger person.
I kind of like old drums:)
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