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Default Re: Band members that slow progress in Band development.

i understand how he feels about not wanting to offend. my band is the same way, there are lots of times when there are things i want to say, but if i say it then people get offended which throws off the whole mood. sometimes its not that simple to just move on and find new people to jam with, because in my situation, these guys are my best friends, hands down, plus im in a small town. i dont know anyone who could replace any one of them. what i do is basically say "man, i gotta practice my parts more, i think from now on im gonna practice all of our songs on my own, daily". generally, the rest of the band will probably agree this is a good idea for everyone. even if you feel your the strongest player, pretend your not, and let them know that. hopefully it will motivate them to practice aswell.
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