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Default Re: Band members that slow progress in Band development.

Hey Bob,

You know as a superintendent and leader of people one thing I have found over the years is that you cannot motivate the unmotivated. There are just some in this life whether it be a musician or worker that just wants to get by with the least amount of input as possible and those folks are difficult to get through to if not impossible. I have had to let some of those types go as they cut heavily into my bottom line of production...either change or you will be moving on are my words of encouragement and to my surprise/chagrin they do not change and I help them move along!

With band members you are a collective group that came together for a common purpose and if one is not willing to work to improve I tend to see them as one of my employees who does not want to put in a full 8, or 10, or 12! What ever it calls for "get er dun!" So, the choice is not theirs but YOURS...what do you want to do? Bottom line you are only responsible for YOU and if you can relax and settle for their complacency then cool have fun with it and RELAX, otherwise do not let the stress eat you up...move along. I am certain you can find others to play with in the long run of things. No sense fretting over someone elses lack of desire.

Just thoughts.
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