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Default Re: Post your Gig Pics

Originally Posted by Billy Brown View Post
That's cool. I was just poking fun. It's really impressive that you get to play with these big names.

I'm just infinitely confused by these bands who just don't know when to quit...but I guess as long as people are buying tickets...
My only thought on "when they should quit" is if they start to suck as musicians.
Good songs are good songs, so if they can be played well, the group still has the passion to perform, and people will come see it....then do it.

There's a lot of bands out there that are older, but still have chops and can keep up with any band out there.

A perfect example is Cheap Trick.

Not as popular or have the album sales as 20 years ago, but they can still pack a good size venue, and they are constantly on tour with acts that can pack the arenas.
They never put on a bad performance.

They are all great musicians, still write stuff that is good, and Robin Zander is STILL one of the greatest rock singers ever.
he can still hit the high notes and do it all from angy growl to the soft gooey stuff.

This guy can really sing, and I've seen him with the flu and he still sings great--and you could never tell...til after the show.

Bachman/Comings were great. The songs were great, the band they had was top notch, and even though one or two vocal notes weren't as powerful or as high as they were 30 years ago they were still great.

They were nice people, and the guy's in the band were all cool.

The place was sold out, and it's at least a 15,000 capacity venue.
So for a group that's been around 30+ years to pull in 15,000 is pretty good in my book.

...I could post some of he 80's pics...then you could really poke fun haha!...might look funny now, but the chicks really liked that stuff if you catch my drift ;-)
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