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Default Re: Band members that slow progress in Band development.

I have been where you are at many times.

If everybody does not carry their own weight the band will fail or at the very best never progress.

The question really is how much do you want to be in these bands and why are you in these bands.

If it is to get out and gig or even to try and do something with it, I would have a serious talk as a group. The stress it puts you under is not worth it. If it is just to jam then let it go and have some fun.

I am fortunate enough to be in two bands where everybody is pulling their own weight and it is great. It is not perfect, we are all human but in the grand scheme of things I can not complain. The reason I am telling you this is to make the point that there are people out there on the same page as you. You just have to find them.
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