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Originally Posted by Mindshadow View Post
Jesus and the rest of us.

This guy is on a level above anyone who plays at the moment. (Thats a biggy isn't it?) But IMHO its true. No one has the chops that this guy has, alive or dead. Until I here someone with better chops let me know. You can throw out names until the cows come home but the best drummer who has ever graced the planet, I'm saying its Danny Carey fullstop. There would only be about 5 drummers that you could say this about and most of them have passed.

So I'm telling you again, this guy is the best drummer alive, on the planet.

Opinions are like assholes, everyone has one and this is mine.
100% correct.

When I first heard Tool, I thought to myself "Alright, I don't see what the big deal is about this Carey guy."

Then I REALLY listened to Tool, and attempted (and I mean ATTEMPTED) to play some of their stuff.


This guy is so ridiculous at the drums. SO ridiculous.

Everything about how he plays the drums is absolutely perfect. Each stick hits each drum/cymbal/pad at the absolute PERFECT time.

His 4 way coordination is unbelievable.

I just can't understand how a human being could come up with some of the licks he busts out for Tool.

The breakdown in Eulogy. OH MY GAWWDDD.

The breakdown in Lateralus. OH MY GAWWWWWWWDDDDD. Had me in TEARS the first time I heard it.

Literally every single Tool song has undeniably insane drums.

In my honest opinion, Danny Carey is the greatest rock drummer alive today.

I don't care about his speed. I don't care about the size of his drumset. I don't care about how much money he makes. I don't care about what band he's in (although Tool is my favorite band). I don't care about his life outside of drums. I don't care about his training.

The bottom line is, this guy is the best. Hands down. THE BEST.
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