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Default Re: What's in Your Bag?

It's sort of light since I haven't bought new sticks in a while...

(1) pr Pro Mark 7A Japan Oak
(2) pr Pro Mark 5B Japan Oak
(1) pr Pro Mark Neil Pert Sig 747 Japan Oak (broke my other pair)
(1) pr Vic Firth sticks (beat up enough that I can't read the model)
(1) pr Vic Firth nylon tip sticks... somebody's signature series... obnoxiously long...
(1) pr Musser M9 yarn mallets
(1) pr Zildjian timpani mallets
(1) pr Vic Firth Rute 505s
(hmmm... for some reason, this means my brushes are NOT in my stick bag...)

Front pocket:
Gibraltar Click Pad (never used, probably never will)
No name drum key (my other two were taken by students and never returned, which is what I suspect has happened to my brushes)

I've also got another bag with misc drum toys in it... its contents:

(1) heavily used pair of Vic Firth Rute 505s
(2) maracas
(2) shaker eggs
(1) pr claves
(2) cowbells, 1 large, 1 med
(1) jam block
(1) bass drum percussion mount
(1) crappy triangle with no triangle beater (hmm, says I, where are my GOOD triangle WITH triangle beater?)
(1) LP Vibra-slap
(1) Ludwig brand cymbal (made by Paiste)
(4) tambourines- 1 traditional with head, one mountable w brass jingles, 2 rock tambourines of differing shapes
(4) mismatched sticks for hitting those toys if this bag is not in reach of my regular stickbag
Various felts, stand parts, etc, etc, etc, etc...

But curiously, no brushes... (and no good triangle or triangle beater)

Ah well. It's a fluid process of gaining and losing gear... for example, I have NO idea where (2) maracas might have come from. :-)
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