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Default Band members that slow progress in Band development.

I play in three bands of three different genres. In each band there are one or two members that do not hold up their end of the log so to speak. I struggle to learn and make progress constantly. I work on our songs and I get better at them each week. My fellow musicians compliment me all the time. I struggle to set and example for the band by improving. I make it a point to explain when I have corrected one of my weak spots in a song so that others will realize that progress has been made and follow my lead. I show up at practices only to find that these band members that I speak of have done nothing to improve. It's the same old, same old, every time that we meet. I never show them that I'm disappointed or angry, I bite my tongue. I just continually point out the issues with their performance and move on with the hope that they will get the message. I even try joking about it so as not to offend anyone. I use the catch more fly's with honey theory. I like the people that I play with and I see no benefit in belittling them. I am seeking advice on motivating people. I have never been a natural leader and the insight from such people will be greatly appreciated.
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