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Default Re: Post your Gig Pics

Originally Posted by Billy Brown View Post
Have you played any gigs recently or was most of your work back in the 80s?
Toto and the Cars (actually the "NEW" Cars) were both last year.

July and Sept respectively.

We did a show with Uncle Kracker last Nov to a totally packed house of close to 2000 maniacs which was pretty cool.

We Played with Night Ranger and The Tubes (in late July THIS YEAR) at a large festival, and with Extreme and King's X (at the same theater as the Uncle Kracker show).

We played with Randy Bachman/Burton Comings (BTO-Guess Who) last month at the same "shed" as the (New) Cars show....large Pavilion area and a giant "hill".
I forgot my camera that day, but I was on a really cool riser that they rolled in and out.

We've been asked to open for some cool acts and have been really well received (with some very nice words from Simon Phillips (Toto) & Johnathan Mover (Tubes) too!).

We've done shows here and there at smaller clubs (between 200-500 capacity rooms) ourselves (and get to play way longer!).

This year it's just been the large places--I'm not complaining at all, but a longer set time would be great, and a smaller place can be just as fun.

I've done lots of shows since the mid 80's (like a lot of people here!), but I don't have those pics in the computer to upload, but some are kinda funny.
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