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Originally Posted by The Colonel View Post
Britt - I wish you could've gone to Tonic before it closed - would've been your favorite place....*sigh*

Tony Malaby is sometimes great sometimes garbage - I hope you get "great".

DMG is good but the owner is a colossal jerk. The musicians hate him but they put up with him in order to play there/get their stuff in the store etc. (well, the small time guys who don't have that international pizzaz) What's his name again? Bob? Bert? Bob, right? it's with a B - and he's a dinkus maximus.
I hope I get great as well, but Im really excited to get to see gerald cleaver play. I think the guy at DMG is named Bruce? I didnt really deal with the owner, just an employee who knew a lot and helped me find some really killin Paal Nilssen-Love. I really wish I could have been in NYC when Tonic was still in existence. Oh well, theres always the blue note (sarcasm, incredible amounts of sarcasm).
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