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Default Re: Metallica - Death Magnetic. They're at it again. (heads up)

Originally Posted by mikei View Post
Mr. Cobra

I didn't mean load and re load.

I hope I am not upsetting anyone. I am serious in my post, but typing with a smile and joking around. So, if I offend anyone, I apologize.

That said and out of the way, Justice is FAR from a masterpiece. That is when it all started falling apart. You know when you see a racecar just start to go sideways and you know the crash into the wall follow by the flips is just moments away? That is Justice. Black is the massive, fatal crash that follows!!!!

Kill 'em All 9 / 10
Ride the Lightning 9 / 10
Master of Puppets 11 / 10
Justice 7.5 / 10
Black 2 / 10 (Lar's does have an awesome fill on Wherever I may Roam. That raises it from a 0 to a 2)
Load 0 / 10
Re Load 1 / 10
St. Anger 2 / 10
New Album <5 / 10 from what I have heard.

You must be younger than I am. So, black probably came out right when you were at that impressionable age.

I am like that too. My guitar player is 5 or 6 years older than I am. We love the scorpions, just different times.

He loves everything before the blackout album, I like blackout and love at first sting.

It is all in fun, but Metallica has sucked for 20 years, in my opinion (which shouldn't stand for much). If you saw my ex wife, you would see that my opinions are not always right!
This would be my vote

Kill 'em All 10 / 10
Ride the Lightning 10 / 10
Master of Puppets 10 / 10
Justice 9 / 10
Black 10 / 10 (though it's not as heavy, I can easily listen to the entire album without being bored)
Load 7 / 10
Re Load 8 / 10 (Load and Reload weren't THAT bad, just differant)
St. Anger 8 / 10 (I liked St. Anger, it's not Metallica, but I liked it)
New Album 10 / 10 (I baught it, im as pleased as ever)

But, thats just me
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