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Default Re: Metallica - Death Magnetic. They're at it again. (heads up)

See Mikey, I just don't care enough about Metallica and its past to compare the prior albums to the black album, what they said or did in the past, etc. I liked what I heard on that album more than the stuff I had heard from their earlier albums...but I'm not die-hard so I don't have the background on it. My clean, unbiased, virgin ears liked the black album...nothing else stood out to me. :)

I liked Van Halen better with Sammy...Dave always seemed like a goofy-ass clown to me and I don't see their music with Dave as any more or less "commercial".

Most artists produce these albums with the intent of commercial gain, forget what anyone says otherwise. It's how they launch big tours and make their scratch. I don't see any problem with that at all, personally...I wish them all great success. I hope they continue to "sell out" for decades to come! When they start to make crappy music and put shorter-term commercial success before creativity...or their image begins to wear out...they'll see lower sales and a diminished fan-base.

That's my story and I'm stickin' to it!
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