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Default Re: Metallica - Death Magnetic. They're at it again. (heads up)

Originally Posted by mikei View Post
Vinnie, can you hear me gagging?!! LOL I just lost my breakfast! Please do not take offense Vinster. We will just have to agree to disagree.

Bob Rock became a member of the band with the black album. Bob "friggin" Rock. The name says it all. I cannot even listen to one song from that album with out wanting to tease my hair, put on make up and start dancing.

I disowned them with the Black Album. Total sell outs. But that is OK, they are rich and I am not. I believe Lars has gone through more kits than Zambizzi and me combined.
If Metallica hadn't preached in the early days about "no" image and "new age metal from England", I might not have had a problem with their complete 180. But, they turned into complete and utter hypocrites. Plus, they didn't even attempt to help other bands from the early thrash scene.

But, I did listen to a couple of cuts from their new album and I am not impressed at all.

The songs lack "heart". Sounds like they are trying to hard to go back to the old days. Perhaps the criticism from all of the old, disgusted fans finally got to them.

The productions sucks, but that is a given. Ruben kind of does that. Way to raw.

But, if you listen to some of Slayer's latest stuff by Ruben, it has "heart". Slayer is the only old time "Thrash/Speed Metal" band that didn't sell out. Megadeth, Metallica and Anthrax sold their souls.

Now, I am completely biased against Metallica for so many reasons. So, perhaps my opinion should not be counted.

Master of Puppets, Ride the Lightning and Kill 'em All are true masterpieces. I cannot ever take those albums away from Metallica.

Metallica and VH are similar.

You have Van Halen with Dave which is TRUE VH. Very unique and ground breaking. Amazing, timeless stuff.

You have VH with Sammy. OK pop rock stuff, but very generic without the attitude. Definitely not VH.

You then have Metallica with Cliff and Metallica without.

Simply put, Metallica became a money making business. They were no longer "artists" after And Justice.

Enough said.
I sirously doubt

But, Sammy with Van Halen was fun. He was a lively person and had a good stage presence. Dave (at least now) seems very...planned. Iy's just all staged. It's fun, but Sammy made it more lively and unpredictable.
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