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ilikedrums---"Tears of Joy" is in 13/8....but it almost seems like 13/16 as the 8th note rate is pretty quick. The "A" section is like a bar of 7 then 6. The "B" section flips to a bar of 6 then 7. In my dvd I break it down and go through a few of the "3s and 2s" as you can break down any difficult time signature in groups of 3s and 2s. I hope you decide to pick up the dvd direct from Thanks for your kind words!

Dominick---a pleasure meeting you! Sorry if I left out the "K" in your name when I signed your DVD. Thanks for getting it and thanks for your compliments, man. I really appreciate it. I hope it inspires cool ideas in your playing. Let me know.

Korompay---nice job! Interesting to see things written down. I've never been much of a transcriber--so I appreciate your efforts. Thanks!

Derek--you killed it, my man! I don't know about legendary....but coming from you that's quite a compliment, my friend. I echo your sentiments back to you. We will definitely hook up in Austin!

OK---at home for a day and back out on the road tomorrow. Thanks for all the feedback, guys!

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