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Default Re: Derek Roddy here!

Originally Posted by Trip McNealy View Post
Derek, nice to meet you this weekend at MD Festival, along with Jason Bittner.

You have a great sense of humor on stage. And your performance... I was left speechless, as was everyone else in the audience! You have some really solid contributions to drumming, thank you for everything.

Derek: "So when you're guitarist plays a fast rift BUMMMAAA BUMMAAB BUMMAA.. and you have a tendancy to play BLPPBLPLBPLBPLBPBLPBLP...."

Audience: (Histerical laughter)

Cheers Derek!
Hahaha.......Trip. THANK YOU so much man. I had such a great time.


Just going to make this quick as I really need some sleep.

What a great time I had. Absolutely crazy!
So humbling to be there with all those legends and heroes.

I'll post a detailed thread after I get some rest.

I felt my performance was O.K. ......There were some things (as always) that went wrong ( In ears... lodged in my right ear, wobbling riser, bad mic on my last floor tom) but, all and all......I'm pretty happy.

I'll give a more detailed report after I get some rest.

Thank you to all who came and supported.... not only me but, all the drummers there. It was a great hang and experience.


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